Why is Honesty the Focus of Conservative Words?

  •     Whether you are conservative, liberal, or any other persuasion, it is from honesty that all our best values and virtues naturally flow.
        If, for example, you believe that free markets, liberty, freedom, small government, individualism, and responsibility are all positive values, then adopting honesty — weighing fairly and openly all relevant pros and cons — will strenghten and complement those values.
        Conversely, whatever honesty ultimately opposes or contradicts must necessarily not be what is right.
        In short, the elements of honesty are the proving grounds for what is right and what is wrong. If a belief or assumption fails the test of honesty, then it should be rejected — regardless of whether it is held by a conservative, a liberal, or anyone else. And the Great Ideas that pass the test of honesty should be embraced, prized, and guarded with our lives.

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